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SWS started its journey in 1995.

Welcome to SWS Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd, a leading financial advisory firm established in 1995, with a commitment to providing our clients with sound financial advice and personalized solutions. Our team of Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), and Chartered Accountants (CAs) are dedicated to providing comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to individuals, families, and businesses.

Our range of services includes investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, risk management, and more. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their financial objectives and create long-term wealth through our expertise, experience, and personalized service.

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Our Vision

The philosophy and vision of SWS is to bring Happiness and Peace to billions. With customer centric approach, SWS is committed to facilitate journey towards Financial Freedom by offering top class, comprehensive Financial Planning & Services.


SWS observes and strives to maintain these values at the working culture

Professional Excellence! This has been the extremely important value for our organization to grow in the competitive environment of current era. It is also valued for perpetual working of the organization. Professional Excellence inherently exists in SWS and hence we have already proved the difference. We strive to adopt latest changes in the technological as well as financial world to achieve the Professional Excellence. The on-going training of our team on the professional as well as personal levels help us achieve this value.

Trust is the foundation of our organization.
It is at the core of SWS working environment. All our services, communication and offerings create trust in the minds of our investors. The apt level of secrecy and confidentiality are maintained during business transactions. Our team members are rightfully trained for observing these principals. In addition to these, reliability in the services sought for enables our investors to exhibit high levels of trust in SWS.

We at SWS are committed to maximize the holistic growth for all the elements at SWS which incorporates not only our team but also our associates, friends and investors. We strive to assist in our fullest capacity for achieving one’s full potential, while engaging in a meaningful and rewarding journey of life. Education, relationships, health and healthy environment is all that one need in the run of a life. We enthusiastically are engaged in this goal so that enriched culture is cherished everywhere in our environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in not a dictionary word for us. We believe that our growth depends on society's participation. Hence, we must make an effort to enhance social enrichment. It is our moral responsibility to make the world a better place. We at SWS organize many social activities such as blood donation camps, raising funds for tribal schools and schools of differently enabled children, our vision affected siblings etc. We also cherish this value by organizing many cultural events around.

SWS is committed for taking our investors to that levels of freedom in life where one experiences no financial worries or botherations. We endeavor that right perspective of financial awareness through reach to our investors. We take a stand that this awareness is finally transformed to the financial freedom in their lives. We are committed to conduct and spread the ‘Financial Literacy Movement’ for the same cause.

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